The Mezcal Collaborative is engaged in a variety of programs designed to promote the mezcal category, expand awareness about it, and to drive mezcal sales. Here are some of the programs we are currently pursuing.

The Agave Academy

This is our premiere, members only, initiative to provide an educational platform to everyone involved in the world of agave spirits. Our education modules help everyone understand what goes into agave spirits from cocktails to sustainability, history to distribution. Join today or members can access the Agave Academy now.

Mezcal Week – September 8-15, 2019

An annual festival of mezcal everywhere across the globe. This is a fantastic opportunity for consumers to encounter and appreciate mezcal. For brands and places that feature mezcal, this is the time to drive sales and create lasting relationships with your consumer base. Sign up today or contact us for more information on how to participate.


Spirited Conversations

Spirited Conversations is a deep dive talk (and tasting) into issues affecting the mezcal category. Born out of the Mezcalistas’ Mexico in a Bottle events, these talks are composed of either a panel or single person presentation followed by a question and answer time with the audience.



Agave: Spirit of a Nation

Agave: Spirit of a Nation

Screenings and Tastings

We are working with the filmmakers behind Agave: Spirit of a Nation on a series of nationwide screenings followed by tasting receptions. This is a fantastic opportunity for the world to experience the magic of agave spirits in Mexico while seeing three remarkable distillers in action. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to reach an engaged audience and have them experience the incredible flavors of traditionally produced agave distillates. We have been updating our screening list, if any of you are interested in participating, please let us know

Mezcal Collaborative Conference

Our first annual Mezcal Collaborative Conference will cover key topics in the mezcal world while giving everyone a great networking opportunity. Members get first crack at tickets, if any are left then we open them up to the general public. We will be finalizing the date and topics in the coming months.

The Cocktail Encyclopedia

We have been collecting mezcal cocktail recipes so that hospitality professionals have a great starting point for their mezcal cocktail menus. We’ll be adding to it so if you have suggestions or contributions, send them our way! In the meantime, jump in and get some mezcal cocktail inspiration.