Agave: Spirit of a Nation Screenings

Agave: Spirit of a Nation

We are excited to be working with the filmmakers behind Agave: Spirit of a Nation on a series of nationwide screenings followed by tasting receptions. This is a fantastic opportunity to reach an engaged audience and have them experience the incredible flavors of traditionally produced agave distillates. If any of you are interested in participating, please let us know.

We launched with a screening in Baltimore in July and are finalizing the full screening schedule now. We’ll share it with you next week but current confirmed dates are:

  • September 21st, The AFI Silver Theater, Silver Spring, MD
  • September 24th, The Silverspot, Miami
  • October 15th, Monterey, CA, Osio Theatre
  • October 15th, Pelham, NY, Pelham Playhouse
  • October 18th,  Athens Cine, Athens Georgia
  • November 4th, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Houston
  • November 7th, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Lubbock
  • November 11th, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, El Paso
  • November 19th, The Music Box, Chicago